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دانلود فیلم Gone Case 2014

دانلود فیلم Gone Case (2014)

Gone Case (2014)


خلاصه انگلیسی

Based on the critically acclaimed novel by Dave Chua (winner of the Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award), Gone Case is a heartfelt, coming-of-age story that revolves around twelve-year-old Yong, who struggles to cope with the tumultuous events that take place in his life as he approaches his PSLE exams - the death of his grandmother, the decaying relationship of his parents, the rigorous demands of school, run-ins with a neighborhood gang, his first crush and taste of heartache, and th

  • Sunny Pang - Alaric - آلاریک
  • Sunny Pang - Alaric - آلاریک Yvonne Lim - Elizabeth Lee -

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